Outpost Defense

Outpost Defense

Evil rises again. Can you stop it? Defeat the undead hordes in the official game for Outpost 2 : Black Sun.

Tracer Cities

Tracer Cities

Tracer takes you around the world on a quest to top the hi score charts. Featuring 32 locations around the globe and with unlimited levels, the game offers classic addictive gameplay in a modern touch screen setting.

The Crystal Maze

The Crystal Maze

Richard O'Brien is your host in this exciting mini-game collection based on the all time hit game show that will test your wits and your reflexes.

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Dynamo Games is a critically acclaimed multi-award winning development studio with experience developing world class games.

    FREE German WWII Gun Pack for Outpost!

    OPD German Guns

    As a special thanks to our fans, everyone can download the new German WWII Gun Pack for FREE this weekend only.

    These guns will go back to full price on Monday, so download them now!

    This pack includes the Luger pistol, MP 40 smg, Kar98K rifle and the first modern assault rifle, the StG 44.

    The full game and the German guns are both free for iOS devices. Get them




    Outpost Defense review posted on 30PlusGamer!


    Adam Ferrero just posted a review of Outpost Defense over at 30Plus Gamer and gave it an overall score of B-.

    Here at Dynamo, we think that's a fair score for this title. 

    Here is Adam's summary:

    "Free-to-play at least until the end of April, Outpost Defense is worth a download. If you find yourself enjoying it, investing a dollar or two extends your gameplay significantly."

    Check out the review here!

    30Plus OPD Review Shot


    British WWII Gun Pack DLC for Outpost!

    New British WWII Gun Pack available now for Outpost Defense!

    We just updated Outpost Defense with a new gun pack of the finest British steel from WWII. 

    DLC includes the Webley MkVI pistol, the STEN smg and the legendary Lee Enfield rifle. 

    The game is FREE to download today for iOS devices here!